The Sale And Consumer Of Alcoholic Beverages Essay

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The Sale and Consumer of Alcoholic Beverages
The production and sale of alcoholic beverages generates direct and indirect employment, generate foreign exchange arising from export and taxation. However, these benefits posed by the production and sale of the product comes with a very high price for society due to physical toxicity, intoxication and addiction caused by alcohol, even though alcohol is not a product like any other.
This study presents a framework for measuring the export competitiveness of an industry across countries that takes into account (a) industry specialization, measured by the revealed comparative advantage, (b) industry export growth rate and (c) relative industry size. The framework is applied to the alcoholic beverages industry using data from the top 30 exporters of alcoholic beverages over a five-year period (2001-2005). The results indicate that the alcohol beverage export market is dynamic and changing, and that export competitiveness varies by country according to the sub-sector of the industry.
Alcohol consumption varies significantly both between different countries and within the same site. The official alcohol consumption is higher in developed countries and lower in African and Islamic countries. Per capita, alcohol consumption is higher in the former Republics of the Soviet Bloc, with not too distant Latin countries on this level. In terms of gender, alcohol use is more common among men, whereas abstinence is more common among women. The…

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