The Salary Cap : The Controversial Topic Of Professional Athletes

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Curving the Salary Cap
The controversial topic of professional athletes pay is constantly discussed through the world of sports. Some argue that professional athletes should be confined by salary caps while others believe differently. Many individuals that insist on placing the salary cap, argue that the purpose of the salary reduction would not be put in place to belittle the professional athletes, but to settle the uncanny wage difference between the jobs that are crucial to society and the wages of those that play a sport for their living. Although, athletes play a sport for their career, they are inclined to do much more than what most viewers see. The salary cap that numerous individuals feel should exist should not be placed on professional athletes due to the responsibilities that assists the job such as their dedication and philanthropy.
Children tend to hold the desire of becoming a movie star, an astronaut, a doctor, and in addition many fantasize about becoming professional athletes when they grow up. While a large percentage of people do not go on to fulfil the childhood dream of playing for a professional team, a select few do. Those select few give an enormous amount of effort and set their career as their top priority. Achieving a goal that has been set in place since one was a young adolescent is very rare and also very admirable. As people watch these athletes follow their dreams, it inspires young people to aim for stars as they set their goals for the…

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