The Salad Bowl Theory

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The melting pot theory
Is a metaphor for describing the assimilation of immigrants into American culture. It relies on the image of people from different cultures and backgrounds mixing and melting together into one big cultural potThe United States is often referred to as a melting pot of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. It is an assimilation of cultures, ethnic origins, religions, ideas and traditions. This concept relies on the idea that everyone who lives in the United States becomes a part of a larger culture that is uniquely American.
In the days when heavy metal cooking pots were made in mills, several metals were melted down and fused together to create one strong pot. This is where the melting pot metaphor originated. Some melting pot theorists contend that the United States is a stronger country in large part because it welcomes people from all parts
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is becoming a “salad bowl” because most would no longer accept a melting pot or a cookie-cutter culture. The metaphors that have become popular suggest that it is acceptable to keep ones differences and still be part of the overall society. In a salad, each vegetable adds its own texture and taste just as men and women or black, white, yellow or brown races combine to create a society where individual differences in gender, race religion, or ethnic background are …show more content…
Each culture keeps its own distinct qualities. This idea proposes a society of many individual, "pure" cultures in addition to the mixed culture that is modern American culture, and the term has become more politically correct than melting pot ,since the latter suggests that ethnic groups may be unable to preserve their cultures due to

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