The Saints And The Roughnecks Essay

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The social class statuses of the “Saints and the Roughnecks” gangs shaped their opportunities and response from the community in several ways. Many of the differences between the two groups were the result of their financial status but other differences such as their visibility and demeanor had an impact as well. While both groups were not that much different from each other, they were treated differently by the community.

The Saints and Roughnecks is a story based on research that was completed by Mr. William J. Chambliss whose area of research is criminology and sociology of the law. Chambliss establishes rapport with two groups or gangs of boys, assigns names and follows them around gathering information regarding their behavior and it’s affects on their daily lives within the community and at school. Mr. Chambliss notices many similarities between the two groups but later realizes why the community treated them differently.

“The Saints were a group of eight promising young men from "good" white upper-middle class families.” (Chambliss). The Saints had reasonable access to a vehicle that gave them the opportunity escape the community in order to cause trouble in a nearby city. Since most of their bad behavior occurred outside of the city, the community was not aware of their delinquency and consequently saw them as a group of boys that had their head’s on straight and were acting as normal boys would. Besides mobility, the Saints knew how to talk themselves out of…

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