The Safety Of Young Children Essay

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The safety of young children as they learn and develop is of major concern for educators, parents and early learning centers. In Australian early year’s education, we acknowledge growth and development as dynamic and harmonize holistic approaches to health (United Nations International Children 's Emergency Fund [UNICEF], 2008). The below article details the critical reviews of current philosophies of risk-taking and safety literature in early childhood education responding to the statement, “Children in early childhood centers need to be kept safe all times, and not exposed to anything that might cause them harm” (Swinburne, Online, 2016).
My view of the above statement is that it is essential for early childhood centers’ to understand and provide a safe environment and experiences to children during the early years’ development. I strongly believe that it is vital for all centers to focus on implicating legislation rules and procedures (DEEWR, 2009). These rules and policies help in reducing the children’s exposure to risk (injuries) and unsafe environment, and to identify evidence related to the safety and provision of early childhood services (Little, 2006). The main purpose of this essay is to analysis, explore and identify my understandings of early years’ development in risk-taking and safety practices for children in this age group.
When I started researching about children’s risk and safety issues, my mind promptly…

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