The Safety And Privacy Of A Health Care Worker Essay

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The safety and privacy of a health care worker should be very important to institution they provide care in. The possibility of being stalked, threatened or assaulted by a patient is a concern for many health care providers in the mental health sector, but can be an occupational risk for all. An excerpt from Patient Violence Against Health Care Professionals, Safety assessment and Management, from the Psychiatric Times (2011), does a very good job of discussing the issues health care providers have with how easy information can be obtained. The patient who wants to stalk and harm the clinician no longer needs to leave home.
He or she can do it via the Internet. Cyber Snooping is facilitated by Web sites such as search engines, online forums, bulletin and discussion boards, and chat rooms. Social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are sources of personal information. Placing personal information on Internet sites exposes the clinician to a variety of psychological and physical harms.
Research has also indicated that medical doctors and paramedics are at a higher risk of being stalked by the general public, issues stem from feelings of love, to anger and resentment (Abrams & Robinson, 2011). According to a Occupational Safety and Health Administration report (1998), more assaults occur in the health care field and social services industry than in any other. A greater concern is the likely underreporting of violence and perception that…

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