The Importance Of Resistance Training

It has been widely accepted that resistance training can be of great value for optimizing health and longevity. Resistance training is designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a muscle group against an external resistance. Although resistance training is often associated with strength and power sports, this type of training is important in building up specific strengths in all sport categories. With the appropriate training methods, resistance training can enhance an athlete’s maximal strength, explosive power, and muscular endurance (Fisher et al., 2009). Each sport requires some combination of these components. Nutrition is often considered pivotal in the process of obtaining these performance enhancing adaptations. Just as training methods need to be specific to each sport, careful
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The evidence is clear showing that resistance training in young athletes can be beneficial; however, the safety and efficacy of resistance training is often challenged as injuries can cause damage to soft tissue and growth plates—both key elements involved in the physiological development of young athletes. Research has shown that the bulk of injury rates related to resistance training in young athletes are due to inadequate professional supervision; this elicits incorrect exercise technique instruction and inappropriate weight loading decisions which greatly increase the risk of injury. Studies have also compared resistance training’s incidence of injury to other sports. Results revealed that resistance training has been shown to be markedly safer than several other sports and activities. This suggests that the risk of injury from participation in resistance training can be greatly minimized through age-appropriate resistance training protocols and well-informed, qualified professionals (Faigenbaum et al.,

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