Essay on The Safety And Environmental Safety

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Construction is one of the leading industries within the United States but is also known as one of the most unsafe industries. During 2014, the construction industry accounted for 899 fatalities of the 4,821 occupational fatalities (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). With construction accounting for more than 18 percent of all occupational deaths, a focus on how to improve construction safety is essential. In order to increase safety, the culture and climate throughout the organization needs to take ownership for safety within the organization. Safety culture has been described as “the beliefs, values, and behaviors that are consistent throughout all members of the corporation” in terms of safety (Molenaar, Park, & Washington, 2009). This paper also breaks safety culture down further into the people, process, and values. The people are responsible for defining the safety characteristics of the coporation, the process is how the company will communicate those safety goals, and the values are the philosophy that the company has in regard to safety (Maolenaar et al., 2009). The safety culture has also be defined as “the way we do things around here” (Cooper, 1998). Out of safety culture has grown the term of safety climate.
Prior to the 1980s, construction safety as always measured by the man hours lost, direct cost of accidents, and the number of accidents. These metrics are important but a shift has been made towards understanding the perceptions of the employees…

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