Essay about The Sad Story Behind Gangs

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The Sad Story Behind Gangsters The start of life, childhood is often a very simple yet complicated time which has most influence on a person’s life. Most people 's childhoods will have a big impact on the type of adult they turn out to be later in life. There are warmhearted and sagacious kids who turn into brilliant adults. Besides, there are also enraged and immoral kids who become perilous gangsters, the dangerous criminals. The reasons why kids become criminals and join gangs are caused by the people they encountered and the things they experienced which have negative influence on them. The physical abuse which are acted upon kids can make them suffer psychological pain and become egocentric; moreover, they might engage in criminal behavior and join gangs to gain power and respect in order to protect themselves from being abused. Physical abuse can cause kids not only physical pain, but also psychological pain which consequently makes kids develop self-destructive behavior. In “Poor Parenting Causes Some Children to Join Gangs”, Yablonsky, a writer, states that kids who are physically abused “denigrate themselves, feel worthless and are less likely to care about what happens to them.” (20) Yablonsky claims that physical abuse can make kids feel depressed and terrified which then develop low self-esteem and the kids might feel that they are worthless to live in this world. As a result, they do whatever they want without caring the consequences. Therefore, kids who are…

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