The Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center Essay

959 Words Oct 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Agency Name: Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center
Interviewed: Dave Anderson, MA, LPC, CAADA
Time in Substance Abuse Service: 11.5 years
Title within Agency: “Outpatient Therapist”
Date: Monday, October 5th, 2015 at 4:00pm

This Monday our team interviewed Dave Anderson, MA, LPC, CAADA of sacred heart rehabilitation center in Flint Michigan. Dave was kind enough to field our interview from our team. Dave is a substance abuse outpatient therapist, he specializes in helping his clients obtain the basic necessity’s and information needed to be a success in their life and not have relapses. Dave has been an outpatient therapist for almost 12 years and was easily able to answer almost all of our questions regarding Sacred Heart. We asked Dave where to start with sacred heart and Dave began to tell us Sacred Hearts mission Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center’s Mission states
“Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to assisting all people with behavioral health issues, including those with limited means, to improve their quality of life.”
So Sacred heart offers many essential skills and tools to help those that walk through their doors as shown by the mission statement Dave told us. We felt that after such an ambitious and Nobel stated goal that we needed to know just what level(s) of care does Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center offer? Sacred Heart offers various levels of treatment and services from Outpatient Services, Group Therapy, Intensive…

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