The Rwandan Tutsi Rwandan Genocide Essay

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There have been many tragedies in the world, unfortunately the Rwandan Genocide fits into this category. After Rwanda’s colonial period the ruling Belgians of Rwanda favored the Tutsi minority over the Hutu majority, it caused increasing tension between the two ethnic groups that made up the Rwandan population. Hutu made up about 85% of the population and Tutsi made up the rest. Tension between the two groups later turned into great violence spread throughout the country. In July of 1962 Belgium granted independence to Rwanda. After Belgium granted them their independence, the Hutu people took their place. For example, in 1959 the Hutu people forced about 30,000 Tutsis to flee the country. By 1961 they forced the Tutsi monarchy into exile and was declared a republic. For a while the Tutsi group was portrayed as the “scapegoats to every crisis” (BBC News: Rwanda: How the genocide happened, 2011, para. 15). The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) was formed by Tutsi refugees and moderate Hutu people led by Paul Kagame. The Rwandan Patriotic Front 's goal was to overthrow Habyarimana and return to their home. Over the years the tension and disagreements between the two groups began to grow and spread all across Rwanda. The Rwandan genocide is a strong example of persecution, I intend to prove this by investigating what caused the genocide to happen, the tragedies that happened during this time and the long term effects that it has had on Rwanda. When the Belgians entered in 1916…

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