The Rwandan Come Back : The Rwanda Essay

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The Rwandan Come Back
Imagine having an event change, completely dividing a country. Imagine turning on your friends and family just because they are taller or have a different color skin. It is hard to, isn’t it? A little country in Africa, the size of Vermont, has been through this. Rwanda was a country that was divided by violence and genocide. But after years of suffering they have outgrown the aftermath and united again. I picked the song Heartbeat by The Fray that mentioned these aspects and decided to research the genocide.
Rwanda was a country torn apart by ignorance between two groups known as Hutu and Tutsi. But the violence and separation are known to have dated back at least 100 years before the genocide in1994. There are known acts of ethnic separation dated back to 1894 when Europeans first went to Rwanda (White). There was nothing that really separated them or made Hutu and Tutsi different from each other. Both Hutu and Tutsi had the same culture. They had the same language, the same religion, and they lived in the same towns. The two groups even had similar jobs. Tutsi had cattle farms as well as Hutu, which were normally cattle or sheep farmers, but Tutsi normally tended to be richer (White). The differences they have come from their looks. Tutsi were the taller of the two groups. They also had lighter skin and had more facial features that resembled the Europeans. These three differences are what really separated them into their groups (White).
Tutsi was…

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