The Russian Uranium Deal, Xl Pipeline, And The 2010 Haitian Relief Effort

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In March 2015, thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails were leaked publicly. Emails that were written during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. Regularly you HAVE to use a government issued email for handling governmental issues. However, Mrs. Clinton exclusively used her personal email from her home server. According to Congress Clinton was violating protocol, yet she argued the she stayed obedient and that former secretaries of state had previously maintained their private email accounts as well. During the leakage of emails, allegations were raised. Her acts were immediately questioned and an investigation was initiated by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). On July 5, 2016 the investigation was concluded and stated the Clinton was “extremely careless” with the emails. No charges were filed against her. Many allegations are out there but among the midst ‘The Russian Uranium Deal,’ XL Pipeline, and ‘The 2010 Haitian Relief Effort’ stood out the most. All which had to do with ‘Pay To Play.’
“But before anything else, what exactly do we need to know?” We need to know what the Clinton Foundation is and what it “supposedly” does. The Clinton Foundation is run by Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton (potential future president.) This foundation is unlike anything else on the face of this Earth. “It is a global philanthropic empire” says, David A. Fahrenthold, Tom Hamburger and Rosalind S. Helderman. It’s mission is solving the world’s most vexing problems by…

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