The Russian Revolution Of 1905 Essay

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At the Second Congress of the Russian Democratic Labor Party, it was agreed upon that Russia was in need of a revolution as the workers and peasants of the country were becoming dissatisfied with the Czar and the government. The end goal of the revolution was to be socialism. However, Congress split into two parties: the Bolsheviks (the majority) and the Mensheviks (the minority). The main disagreements revolved around party membership, with the Mensheviks arguing for a broad-based membership resulting in greater support, and the Bolsheviks, who sought only workers dedicated to the cause. However, the parties abandoned their differences in order to support strikes and protests known as the Russian Revolutions of 1905. To appease these workers, Czar Nicholas issued a civil rights document called the Duma, but failed to follow through on his promises. The people of Russia became increasingly unhappy with the Czar, and their frustration increased during WW1, as soldiers began to question their loyalty to their country. Food and fuel shortages forced the economy to the brink of collapse, and in March of 1917 riots broke out in the capital of St. Petersburg, renamed Petrograd. As a result, the Czar fled and a temporary government was put in place. The March Revolution caused the Bolsheviks to become even more determined to seize power, a feeling heightened by the return of Vladimir Lenin from exile in April. Led by Lenin, the Bolshevik Party seized control of Russia in November…

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