The Russian Industrial Revolution During The Great Depression

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“Clash! Bang! Ting ting!” are the sounds bombing in factories as the overpowering bell signifies the restless men to return home. These same sounds are the very ones that would reflect the upcoming years for many countries during the early 1900’s during the Industrial Revolution. However, the Russian Industrial Revolution was one of the most impactful and controversial industrial transformation to this day. As World War I came to a conclusion, many nations were left in the Great Depression, where many European countries’ economies fell to ruins. In addition of to the Great Depression, prior to the war, Russia was extremely weak in terms of economy due to its lack of industrialization. The communist party in Russia was able to gain control and set up a communist regime, with the notorious dictator, Joseph Stalin. With Stalin in control, he decided that it was Russia’s time to join the other countries and industrialize his nation. With Russia’s Industrialization brought many benefits toward Russia. The most notable positive aspects are the stabilization of the Russian, the major economic presence that Russia desperately needed for the upcoming war, and the revival of peace within the Russian society. Although, none of these prosperous benefits came free. Along with incredibly positive aspects, some negative aspects were brought upon Russia due to the Industrial Revolution. With countless innovations, brought countless deaths to the Russians. Harsh work hours, economic…

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