The Rush Essay : Adrenaline Rush

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Adrenaline Rush Essay Isn 't it weird how you feel most alive when your heart pounds against your chest and cant seem to catch your breathe? This instance is what most would refer to as an adrenaline rush. Dictionary. com explains that an adrenaline rush is a sudden burst of energy from an increase in the hormone and neurotransmitter adrenaline, which increases factors such as heart rate, blood pressure, persperation, blood sugar, and metabolism. Now, I wouldnt consider myself to be an "adrenaline junkie," but I dont mind getting them sometimes! Everybody has there own way of getting there heart to race, like driving race cars or bungee jumping, but a few ways I can relate to include getting in trouble, jumpming off of a bridge, and playing one of my favorite sports. In my younger years, between the ages of 3 and 7, my mom would always tell me how I was such a " trouble maker." Now I didnt realize it at the time, but getting in trouble was one way that would for sure give me a little adrenaline rush. I remember this one specific time where I had just gotten in trouble for breaking my sisters new doll. I cant remeber why I broke it, but I did. I was of course, put into time out by my mom. She left me in my room to sit, while she went back to cleaning the kitchen up. I had the devious idea of sneaking out, just so I could go outside to swing on my favorite little blue swing. I thought about how much trouble I would get in if I got caught, but I figured it was worth a…

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