The Running Man By Stephen King Essay

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Social classes can be seen everywhere they keep society in order where rules simply can not, but what happens when one of the classes gains too much power in a society? It has been described how social classes function in different cultures and what causes these along with the normalities found within (Geertz). Collision of the social classes can be seen throughout the novel further showing the atrocities of leaving classes to fend for themselves without an impartial government. Stephen King’s The Running Man illustrates societal classes through characterization and plot in order to alert the audience to the atrocities that can take place when those dominant and repressed classes go unchecked.
The Running Man by Stephen King begins with the story’s protagonist, Ben Richards, in his hometown of Co-Op city in the year 2025. Ben requires money to get medication for his gravely ill daughter Cathy. As a last expedient, Richards turns to the Games Federation, a government-mandated television station, that runs violent game shows. After rigorous testing, Richards meets with Dan Killian, a producer with the Games Network, as well as Bobby Thompson, host of “The Running Man”, the network 's most popular, lucrative, and dangerous game, Richards has been selected to appear on this show. He then gets released into the city to survive for as long as he can while bounty hunters try to kill him. For every hour he lives his family receives money. Benjamin Richards survives for about 8 days…

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