The Ruling Trend Of Organ Transplants Essays

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The Ruling trend of Organ Transplants Needed Ever thought about being a hero? Or how about a life-saver? Well… you can be one by being an organ donor. Twenty-two humans die, everyday, while waiting for their hero; for an organ donor to donate their organs to those in need.(, 2016). Since, the lack of organs are donated, people are forced to illgal buying on the black market for organs. According to CNN, “... highest demand is the kidney and black market traffickers are meeting that demand...7,000 kidneys are obtained illegally every year... Organ trafficking is an illegal, yet thriving trade around the globe”( Pokharel, 2015). The fact is the black market has a tremendous amount of organs and people are not put on a waiting list when it comes to money and trickery. This has become a ruling trend because people are not donating much, but on the black market there are tons of organs for sale, this has led to a continuous rise in organ sales, and Organ donation after cardiac death has increased the knowledge of whether or not this method is appropriate to recovering the organs compared to organ sales. First, there are not enough donors as there are needed for those in need of an organ transplant, however, on the black market there are tons of illegal organs for sale. This has become a ruling trend as to whether or not this should be illegal or if donors should be rewarded for their donation. Although it can be used in many ways such as a ruling…

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