The Rules of Records Management Essay

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Why is records management important? Many people who are not pretty familiar with records might think too seriously about records management. However, people who are in business or the people who have their own business have to know about records management procedures enforced by governments around the world. For example, in the book “Intensive Records Management“ by >>>>>, we can learned about the rules of records management and the legal procedures that apply to it. Records management is important because of its ten most important reasons: to control the creation and increase of files or records, to reduce working costs, to improve the competence and productivity, to assimilate new records management technology, to make sure regulatory …show more content…
For example, (The Gas Company) when filing it comes Gas is the key unit, Company is the second unit, and (the) is the third unit. Therefore, when you file the business name becomes (Gas Company The) or when filing personal names and business names with symbols and or hyphen, always the symbols like (&,$,%,#,) always get spelled out, and symbols like (?,/,., +,!) always get disregarded. Third is I am going to talk about how to file government names. When filing government names, you always have to index the governmental unit, country, state, county, or city. Then you have to watch out for distinctive names of the department, bureau of, office, or board. For example, the words Office of, Department of, Bureau of, are separate indexing units when they are part of the official name. For example, U.S. Army Department Reserve Training Center. The First indexing unit is United, the second indexing unit is States, the third indexing unit is Government, the fourth indexing unit is Army, the fifth indexing unit is Department, the seven indexing unit is Reserve, the Eight indexing unit is Training, and the ninth indexing unit is Center. So, when you put the whole government name together becomes (United States Government Army Department Reserve Training Center).
Now I am going to talk about numeric filing. Numeric filing is a frequently used method that arranges records

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