The Rules For Competitive Play Essay

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General rules

Use the Text Channels for their intended purposes. Do not spam, and please be courteous. Other than that shitposting is entirely allowed on #general so long as it 's SFW. Keep the rest clean please.

No mic spamming in the voice channels or playing music or having distracting background sounds (if you have something going on at home please be courteous and mute yourself).(edited)
Quick Play

In quick play anything goes, do not get upset if someone is not playing as serious as you would like, or if they are choosing a character that would be bad for the team 's composition. However on the flipside please do not go out of your way to be useless and detrimental. No one likes losing.(edited)

The rules for competitive play are much stricter. Do not play unless you are very serious about wanting to win. If everyone in the group doesn 't care then these rules really don 't matter obviously, however as a general rule you should take competitive play very seriously.

To play competitive you must be not only be willing and able to play seriously, but to play at a higher skill level as well. If you are a detriment to your team, you should not be playing competitive, if you have a poor internet connection you should not be playing competitive, if you have a poor attitude/become stressed under pressure, you should not play.(edited)
The competitive commandments

1: Thou shalt not play characters that they are not good at. (know your strengths, if you can’t…

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