Golde Graphic Design Research Paper

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The rule of thirds, the golden proportion, and the basic grid, are the primary methods of laying out designs. When faced with a large amount of information to present in an aesthetically pleasing format, one cannot simply follow their artistic whims. The use of specific rules to follow is important, in order to construct a clean, clear, interesting design. The point of interest is positioned based of these concepts. The most popular method is the basic grid. The basic grid is simple, clear, and easy to follow. The basic grid is highly versatile. It can be used for websites, newspapers, magazines, fliers, pamphlets, and more. Columns can be adjusted in width to accommodate every look desired. There were a few designs featured on the website, which utilized this concept, including the double page designs.
The rule of thirds is a more simplistic version of the basic grid. Instead of using as many grids as necessary, the rule of thirds simply splits the project into three portions, long and wide, giving a total of nine boxes. Once the focal point is established, the rest of the graphics are spaced within the realm of the 3x3 grid. This is the concept I believe was most utilized most frequently in the designs featured on the website. The final, and most respected layout concept in this list, is the
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Therefore, it is nearly impossible for a novice like myself, to look at complex designs and easily differentiate the concepts used to create the ads. Although I read the chapters thoroughly and studied the design images for over an hour, I still feel lost as to which concept was applied to which design. The basic grid and the rules of thirds can be particularly confusing. Additionally, I do not think it is as easy to determine which concept was used, as the directions alluded, because these designs where created by professionals who both follow and disregard rules, as they

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