Essay on The Rule Of Europe During The Roman Empire

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Many historians argue Charlemagne was the greatest uniting force of Europe since the Roman Empire under the “Five Good Emperors” (Machiavelli Ch. 10)1. My primary intent of this essay is to examine the rule of Charlemagne and why he is often acknowledged as the “Father of Europe”. With this goal in mind, I have studied the works of Rosamond McKitterick, Roger Collins, Alessandro Barbero, and Heinrich Fichtenau. Through these authors and historians I have gained insight into Charlemagne 's religious and educational approaches, the creation of the Carolingian dynasty, and the military expansion of the Frankish kingdom in Western Europe. But to understand the historical significance of Charlemagne 's rule first we must examine the beginnings of the Carolingian dynasty.

Much of what Charles the Great accomplished began with his grandfather, Charles Martel. Martel turned back a Muslim campaign in 732 at the battle of Tours that, had it been allowed to continue, might have conquered Francia (Barbero pg 10)2. While Tours was not the last of the Muslim push into Francia it was a significant turning point (Fichtenau pg.13) 3. He pronounced himself the “Saviour of Christendom” and with this victory, the soldiers nicknamed him “The Hammer”. Between his victory in 732 and the year 737, Charles reorganized the kingdom of Burgundy, replacing many counts and dukes in the Frankish kingdom with his loyal supporters, thus strengthening his hold on power…

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