The ' Rude Boys ' Essay

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From the beginning of the Skinheads it wasn’t just about the nazi, white race, and the white supremacist groups. It all began in Kingston, Jamaica where the Rude boys originated from. To the immigrants of United Kingdom that changed from the Rude boys to the Mods. Then even further across the globe to the United States where it is more known as the Neo-Nazi skinheads. These groups are all apart of the skinhead subculture. The Rude boys “was originally used to describe the less fortunate communities throughout Kingston town in the late 50’s”(Natividad 2012). Then, over time this named transformed from a descriptive word into a name for a sub-culture in Kingston, Jamaica. This Rude boy label was put onto this younger group of men and women due to them being very dangerous and rowdy. The Rude boys “dressed in the latest fashion trends, which was inspired by American gangster movies, jazz music and soul music artists”(Natividad 2012). The Rude boy was like a gang that got into a lot of trouble and mischief. For example, “young women were forced into prostitution and drugs also curfews were set on the streets as crime had never been worse”(Natividad 2012). This all came from the poor young youth group that had to do what they needed to survive. These crimes escalated to create their name the Rude boys the gang of Kingston. This was just a beginning of what was going to come. From the beginning of 1950’s which took place after the Rude boys came the immigrants of the 1960’s…

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