Royal Hotel Failure Essay

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Discussion This case talks about the tactics used by the Jake and Blake during their internship at the Royal hotel. Case is the challenge to figure out the solutions of the problems associated with the information system at the Royal hotel. Case also uses the Information technology in terms of software and shows the difficulties at hotel to use this new technology by end-users. Case leads attention toward the reasons of the failure of new technology at the Royal hotel.
Despite having relatively little specific information about why the system failed, what do you think are the main reasons for such failure? Characteristically Information System consists of four components: Process, People, Technology, and Structure. There are lot of reasons behind the failure of the system at Royal hotel. See below for the main causes of the failure: Process. There were few flaws
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This idea of Cappuccino was to reduce the housekeeping cost and improve quality of the service. Some of the features like productivity and performance reports given by the Cappuccino software may not be acceptable by the maintenance staff. Because management can track their performance using this software. This could be the reason that staff stick to the traditional system and did not adopt new technology. People. Training was provided to the housekeeping and maintenance staff, but General Manager failed to notice the competence. Instead of having retraining, the staff decided to follow old paper-based system and GM was worried about the investment he did in the technology. General Manager didn’t encourage staff to follow the Cappuccino system. Information Technology. System could be hard to work on and not user friendly. There might be some technical problems. Cappuccino helps staff in reporting, waiting call list dashboard, measuring performance report, scheduling tasks etc. So there might be errors or misrepresentation of the information because of technical or manual (human)

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