The Royal Canadian Air Force Essay

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Born in Montreal and with French-speaking parents, Omer levesque was inspired to be in the Royal Canadian Air Force ever since he was a little boy. He did not know how to speak English very well so Omer joined the local militia unit and became the lieutenant there. Later joining the RCAF, and on March 31, 1951 he was the very first pilot to shoot down a Korean plane during the Korean war. Omer Levesque and other Canadian forces contribution to the war lead to Canada causing a significant impact. During the Korean war, Canada was the second biggest factor that prevented North Korea from invading Seoul again because they offered the third largest force, gave significant support to the United States, and the Royal Canadian Air Force was a major factor for transportation and offense.
Canada offered the largest force between the United nation countries. The Royal Canadian Navy began its contribution by providing 3 Canadian destroyers for the US sending 5 more later into the war and the RCAF supported the allies with the 426 transport squadron which travelled back and forth between Tokyo and Washington transporting medical supplies, military equipment, and Nurses which were trained and provided with equipment by Canada. On top of that Canada sent the second battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment, the 2nd Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian light infantry, the 2nd Battalion of the royal 22nd regiment, and the Royal Canadian army service corps(Edwards 515). In total…

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