The Rowan Center For Holocaust Essay

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The Rowan Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies hosted an event on Wednesday, September 21st, for an elder man who had survived the Holocaust. David Tuck came to campus to tell his story of survival. Born in Poland, Tuck was just six months old when his mother passes away. Following her death, he moved in with his grandparents who raised him until he was eight. His estranged father came back into his life around this time. For two years, he went to live with his father and his new step family. It was after these two years, when David Tuck was only ten years old, that the war began. Tuck began his recollection of the horrific events by claiming, “I don’t believe it myself. What happened to me. Picture yourself on September 1st, ready to go to school, but there’s a war...” The first thing he was given to distinguish himself as a Jew amongst the community in which he lived was a yellow armband. When the Germans took his family and the twelve other Jewish families in his neighborhood to the ghetto, he received the Star of David. It was with these twelve other families that Tuck gathered as many of his personal belongings as he could before being stowed away in a horse and buggy to the Ghetto. Once he was at the Ghetto, it was soon discovered he could speak German, something that would continue to set him apart from other Jewish people. He was advised to pretend to be fifteen, rather than his ten years, so he could take a job as a mechanic. With a purpose and…

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