The Route 40 Killer Or The Corridor Killer Essay

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Steven Brian Pennell is popularly known as the Route 40 killer or the Corridor Killer. Pennell is believed to be the first documented serial killer in the history of the state of Delaware and also the first person to be executed in the state of Delaware since the year 1946. Pennell is a Caucasian male born on November 22, 1957, a native of the Delaware. Pennell is married to Mrs. Kathy Pennell with three children, two of his own, and a step daughter. Pennell worked as an electrician but according to some sources he studied criminology at the University of Delaware.

Mr. Pennell murdered a total number of five Caucasian females who were between the ages of 25 to 35 years of age. Shirley A. Ellis’s body was discovered on November 29, 1987, Catherine A. DiMauro on June 29, 1988, Michele A. Gordon in September, 1988, Margaret Lynn Finner in August, 1988, and Kathleen Anne Meyer who disappeared in September, 1988 and her body was never recovered.

Mr. Pennell modus operandi in the serial killings was consistent because all of his victims were prostitutes. According to the medical examiner there was no sign of sexual assault present. However, he tortured all of his victims by cutting their left nipple off, and there were restraint contusions on the wrist and ankles, bruises and cuts on both buttocks and thighs, and lastly all his victims were known drug abusers. After the disappearance of Margaret Lynn Finner, another known prostitute, many witnesses reported to the police…

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