The Roots Of Muslim Revisited Article

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Of the thousands of religions instituted throughout the world, most if not all are introduced with great difficulty. Like other beliefs, Islam is one of the prominent convictions that begin with conflicts amongst different factions’ viewpoints. Nonetheless, Islam is continuously facing distorted interpretations from the world, especially from the West. For instance, the articles “The Roots of Muslim Rage” and “The Root of Muslim Rage Revisited”, by Bernard Lewis and Nicolaas J.E. van der Zee respectively, portray the tension amid the Muslims and the West. Sorrowfully, there are horrific occurrences that are done by self- proclaimed Muslims, which falsely projects that Islam is a religion of violence. Moreover, the clash of civilizations doctrine …show more content…
For instance, Zee quotes inappropriate sayings about Islam, and does not fix the false impression of the religion, which contradicts Zee’s opinion. “The Roots of Muslim Revisited” article states Huntington saying, “Islam has from the start been a religion of the sword” (Zee 2013, 4). The fact that this sentence could be said indifferently is inconsolable. The definition of Islam is submission, which is derived from the Arabic word peace. Clearly, Muslims who commit such crimes are in stark contradiction of their faith is the correct way of explaining how the West’s notion of Islam is inaccurate. Thus, interpretation is what elicits violence, and not Islam as a whole …show more content…
Lewis constantly mentions a clash of civilizations in his article, which digs in the individuals’ point of view, making people create more dilemmas in their country. In the world we live in today, there are political issues in almost every country. The intermixing of religion and governments usually only make matters worse. For instance, the relationship between Islam and the West could be understood as a clash of civilizations. As a result, the relationship between the parallel hemispheres is turning into a catastrophe, and Lewis is psychologically affecting the human beings’ thoughts. Consequently, religion and politics should be separated, and state affairs should be

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