The Roots Of Direct Descendants Essays

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Family Heirlooms have a tradition that families practice when a new generation comes along. For many young men and women who have finally entered the stage of maturity, their parents present them with a small gift to signify the transition into their next stage of life. The stages of life can be an event such as a wedding, newborn child, graduation of college, or even growing to be a certain age. Family heirlooms can come in all shapes and sizes. Men and women both tend to inherit items such as jewelry, toys, wedding dresses, vanities, and the list goes on. These objects are often seen as talismans to families because of the memories they hold. Family heirlooms connect our current selves to our past ancestors. The knowledge of the roots of direct descendants is empowering, they bring about tradition, and gives an emotional value that will forever surround these objects. First we must understand how the knowledge of the roots, these heirlooms bring, of direct descendants and how they are so empowering. Personally on my mother’s side, there is a very strong Native American background. When the family heirloom has been passed to the next youngest child, it represents the native roots my ancestors established and the growing of the family line. The stories are retold and are relived throughout the younger generations. They are not forgotten which teaches us where our roots first started. This is so empowering to me even if I haven’t received the family heirloom because it…

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