The Root Causes In Communication

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The root causes of my tendency to focus more on tasks than on people arises from my need for perfection and my reticence. It is possible to make my assignments perfect and in the exact way I want it to be. However, this is not the case with people. People are all different, have different objectives, different opinions, different values, etc., which makes it difficult to get them to do what you want them to do. I suppose this struggle with wanting everything my way comes from being spoiled by my parents when I was younger, and not being able to take “No” as an answer. It also comes from a need for structure and order in my life.
As for my other root cause: I am not always comfortable socializing and talking to people, so I try to stay away
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Communication is a broad topic, so I want to focus specifically on communicating my opinions and thoughts more clearly without fear of what others may think of what I say. I often shy away from vocalizing my thoughts out of fear. This leads to unclear communication between peers, colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. and myself. In the PAMS assessment that 3 of my coworkers filled out, I scored a 4.7/6 on seeking information regarding my strengths and weaknesses as a basis for self-improvement. I’m always looking for information in this area, so the disconnect between my thoughts and those of my co-workers must have been that I didn’t verbalize my quest for self-improvement. On this same assessment, my coworkers gave me a 4.3/6 in terms of identifying “some area of agreement in a discussion with someone who has a different point of view.” This is because I’m scared! I’m scared of what someone might think of me if they knew my true thoughts, so I tend to steer away from or stay quiet during these types of discussions. This aversion of differing opinions also stems from me valuing harmony and serenity in my life. I feel at peace when everyone agrees, so I do what I can to keep that peace and avoid/resolve conflict. Lastly, I scored 4.7/6 on clearly delegating tasks, desired results, initiatives sought, etc. If I want to be an effective manager, I will need to get better at clearly communicating when I delegate

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