The Root Cause Of My Project Essay

1412 Words Jul 31st, 2016 6 Pages
The root cause of my project is that the homeless don’t have the essential basic needs to sustain their health. My project will help around 100-200 homeless individuals, supplying them with a custom pillow, which will allow them to carry essential items which I will collect and donate, such as a book, a handwritten letter, various toiletries and food, that will be given to new or existing client of Hope’s door. I plan to interview several individuals at Hope’s Door and learn about their stories and their needs. Through this I hope to motivate and provide for the homeless. I hope that in all they are given, they will feel more ‘at home’ at the homeless shelter. I will give them a pillow with a hand sewn pillowcase to make it feel more personal. In a handwritten letter I would hope to motivate them through inspirational phrases or sometime bible verses. The goal would be to inspire whoever has the letter to work towards a better life, whether that is getting a job, getting educated, or simply a better lifestyle. Lastly, the book would be to either educate the reader, or serve as a way to pass the time. The connection to the community is trying to get people motivated to one day leaving the homeless shelter, yet feel welcome during their stay. There are about 600,000 homeless people in the world, and with a small token of affection through a small gift, I feel like it can help motivate people to get off the streets and work toward a better lifestyle. From this I will learn how…

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