The Root Cause Of Bullying Essays

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The root cause of bullying is best understood by examining issues at home such as; neglectful care giving, an auspicious role model and corrosive emotional issues. In an aim to understand the core reason for bullying, do not feel that by any means such behavior is being dismissed rather, it is being addressed. However, a remedy shall be discovered through knowledge and understanding.
Walking down a path, grasping ideas as to what would cause a child to become a bully, we first come upon neglect. Although it is a popular term and common culprit, it is an often misunderstood term. Neglect, surprisingly, may come in many forms. Some parents pride themselves on spoiling their children, giving the child every material thing the child desires. But, spoiling a child is a form of neglect. Showing affection through mere materialistic things, abandons all displays of warmth and affection. Such understanding of love is not acquired by holding the newest, shiniest toy on the market, thus the child is left with a false sense of what is important and denies the child of how love is properly shown. A child that had no care or concern of what others may want or need will likely succumb to forceful and aggressive behavior when interacting with others. Neglect may also be lurking in a multi-family home, a home with many children. Within a home that has more than a couple children, the individual may feel lost and alone. Harboring the feeling of being dejected may provoke the child to find…

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