The Room Which Had Been Prepared For Me At `` La Simoniere ``

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The room which had been prepared for me at “La Simonière”, was nestled in a corner of the hall, on the left of the entrance of the house. It was a spacious and comfortable accommodation, with a window giving on the garden. I was, however, too preoccupied to be able to enjoy this excellent arrangement. I went straight to bed, and lay down without removing my clothes. I wanted to be ready to jump in case the potential threat that represented the “blue letter” would suddenly materialize. The Baron had retired at midnight, after the game of bridge. He felt tired, and, after kissing his wife’s hand, he briefly said goodnight to his guests. Afterwards, he went up to his apartment located on the first floor. Since then, everybody else had also left the “Petit Salon”, and gone to sleep. As for me, worried about the Baron’s safety, I could not close my eyes. I stared at the wardrobe that stood against the wall, in front of my bed. It had, on its door, a tall mirror that reflected to infinity into darkness, the strayed twinkles of the neighborhood’s lights. I kept thinking about the anonymous letter. I had now met with the closest friends and relatives of Armand de Valfort, and I was still incapable of speculating on the identity of the person, among them, who could have written the “blue letter”. They all didn’t seem to possess the twisted, nor devilish mental capacity necessary to commit an act of this cowardly nature. I went on in circles, entertaining the same thoughts, until…

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