Imagine Being Forced To Live Inside A Small Room

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PSY 131 Critical Thinking Paper - Hawraa AlRomdhan

Imagine being kidnapped by someone you don 't know. Imagine being forced to live inside a small room in which no one can hear you scream. On top of that, imagine living in that small room for 7 years. It’s a horrible reality to live in. However, Room, a 2015 film directed by Lenny Abraham shows the audience how a woman endures the fear and anxiety of abduction, rape, and becoming impregnated and how she had survived it. For this paper, I will be discussing the multiple psychological disorders for the reasons to why Joy had acted certain ways, the stress both her and her parents endured, and the motivation to get better.
Room portrays the life of Joy and her son Jack, who are both held captive in a small shed. Joy had taught Jack that the entire world is inside their small room. Everything that appears on the television is fake, such as birds or houses. When Joy finds out that her kidnapper, Old Nick, had lost his job and cannot pay to “support” them anymore, she plans to make Jack pretend to have a fever in hopes that Old Nick would take him to the
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Seeing her son able to move on and and make friends makes him like any other ordinary boy had motivated her to try harder for her son. With intrinsic motivation, Joy had felt the need to become stronger for Jack in order to hopefully feel happy again. It may be very hard for her to readapt to her previous life however she is willing to try for both Jack and herself. I believe that when both Joy and Jack had returned to “Room”, they were both trying to let go of the past and see that they may have lived in that room for a while but they are now free to experience anything. As Jack said, “Ma and I have decided that because we don 't know what we like, we get to try everything.” Despite having gone through one of the worst scenarios, Joy and Jack both want to move on and live their lives

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