Essay on The Rookie Chief Iso

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“The Rookie Chief Information Security Officer”
Bradford Daniels
Professor Steven Brown
SEC 402
17 March 2013

1. a. Create an Organization Chart in which you

i. Illustrate the roles that will be required to ensure design, evaluation, implementation, and management of security programs for the organization.
The CISO is the executive responsible for the organization's entire security posture, both physical and digital. CISOs also frequently own or participate closely in related areas such as business continuity planning, loss prevention and fraud prevention, and privacy.
CISO Responsibilities:
Lead operational risk management
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The Information Security Engineer reports to the Security Manager.
IT Procurement Administrator Specialist
Directs the daily activities of the technology purchasing function. Reviews technology purchasing decisions, orders, and vendor contracts. Oversees the ordering of materials and supplies from vendors. Researches, interviews, and negotiates with suppliers to obtain prices and specifications. Creates purchase orders for the acquisition of materials and performs related administrative tasks.. Typically reports to CISO. iii. List the type of resources required to fulfill each forensic duty of the organization below each of the roles you identified.
Management is responsible for supporting forensic capabilities, reviewing and approving forensic policy, and approving certain forensicactions. Legal advisors should carefully review all forensic policy and high-level guidelines and procedures, and they can provide additional guidance when needed to ensure that forensic actions are performed lawfully.The human resources department can provide assistance in dealing with employee relations and the handling of internal incidents. Auditors can help determine the economic impact of an incident, including the cost of forensic activity. Physical security staff can assist in gaining access to and physically securing evidence. Although these

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