The Dream Of The Rood Analysis

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In literature, we can find different thoughts that are brought to our attention and may touch our hearts as we read it. When I read literature, I find a personal connection within it and it makes me want to read more. An Old English Poem, “The Dream of the Rood” by an unknown author, translated by E.T Donaldson is a unique poem where the narrator tells his vision from a dream he received on the crucifixion of Christ and the view from the cross perspective. The beauty of this poem goes beyond expectation because it includes literacy techniques, heroic elements and personal connection of religious values.
In “The Dream of the Rood” it starts with the vison of the dreamer which establishes the structure of the remainder of the poem. In his dream, the unknown poet approaches a beautiful tree and he sees the cross being raised up and is
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The symbolism used in “The Dream of the Rood” is based on the religious values of Christianity. The poems viewpoint of the crucifixion of Christ is different from what took place in the Bible. In the poem, the cross is carried by enemies and Jesus rips off his clothes while in the Bible, Jesus carries the cross and the guards strip off Christ’s clothes. The rood is a symbol that Jesus was sacrificial for the world. The imagery of the crucifixion scene shows when Christ and the cross were pierced with nails, mocked and drenched with blood by the limits of torture. This moment makes me emotional because I can visualize the pain and suffering that is occurring throughout the poem. This was done because Christ had a deep love for all people. I consider any work that shows pain, love and heroic detail is good and worth reading, it is a beautiful thing to love unconditionally. The tone of the poem is elegiac. and as a Christian, I view this poem as a meaningful text. In the poem, they wept and mourned for Christ, he is gone physically but is always there

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