The Romantic Era Of The Medieval Times, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, And 20th Century

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Scholars have segregated music’s history into time periods or eras, those being medieval/middle ages, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, and 20th century. The eras all were different in important ways. In the medieval times, music was predominantly plainchant and religious in nature. Here we music lovers dwelled in the simplicity of a monophonic chant. The renaissance was the age was where music became available not only to royalty and the church but everyone (if you had enough money that is). In the baroque period humanity experienced massive growth and progress in the pursuit of knowledge. This is where we developed instruments and music which the likes of are still seen today. During The classical period composers start veering away from the showy practices of the day’s opera, because they believed the value of the opera was being diminished. The romantic era was the time of many vital composers. Those important people were Hector Berlioz, Frederek Chopin, and Giuseppe Verdi. In the 20th century composers rebelled against the common style of composing and instead wrote musical phrases in unconventional ways. Knowing classical music’s history is important, because In the music you find our changing emotions through the ages and the ways we express them are equally important. By understanding music’s advancements, we understand our races evolution that much better. You cannot know the future without knowing the past. In the Middle…

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