The Romantic Era Of George Gordon And The Apostrophe Of The Sea

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INTRO: During the Romantic Era, a lot of poets came alive with the newfound love of nature. George Gordon (Lord Byron) and Percy Bysshe Shelley are just two of the six poets that wrote poems about nature and what it meant to them. the introduction of “To the Skylark” by Shelley and “Apostrophe of the Sea” by Byron really made the Romantic period burst with literature. Although the poets are similar with some aspects, they have very different writing techniques and you can tell through their poems. (need to be exact: “voice”, form, and theme of nature.

FIRST: George Gordon Lord Byron was born in London, England on the 22nd of January in 1788. When he was born, his parents abandoned him because he had a deformed foot. Due to his parents abandoning him at a very young age, he never felt like he was wanted.
Growing up, Byron was very unique from the other kids and people around him. With him being socially deprived, it made him very depressed and lack of moderation and discipline. Lord Byron is quite like the young men today in the world, bad and mean. He was attracted to both men and women, which he kept very quiet. He had many sexual relations with his own family members­ mostly the women in his family. In April of 1816, he traveled to Switzerland to get away from England, and befriended Percy Bysshe Shelley. A couple of years past to 1823, where he supported the Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire. Byron spent his own money to help with the war costs, a…

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