The Romans ' Reaction Of Greek Culture Essays

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In this essay we shall discuss the Romans’ reaction to Greek culture whilst comparing their relations with other cultures. Therefore, it shall be necessary to consult both ancient and modern scholarship. In order to understand the Roman attitude to the Greeks we need to explore the various things which Rome absorbed from the Greeks into its own culture. Amongst these are the conflation of traditional Roman deities with their Greek counterparts, inspirations for literature and the social practices which Rome would also appropriate.
Gruen points out that in the Augustan age it was believed that, “… the city derived from a settlement of Roman refugees, adversaries of the Greeks…The progeny of Aeneas ultimately effected the founding of Rome- via Lavinium and Alba Longa...” . This shows that the Roman attitude to ethnicity and identity was not simply an ‘us-versus-them’ scenario in regards to Greek culture. Similarly, Grandazzi states that history and myth are difficult to distinguish when looking at the foundation of Rome. Presumably because the origins of the Roman people either follow the Athenian idea of autochthony or recall distant forebears who arrived in Italy via obscure circumstances. Hence there was more of a tendency to revert to aetiological myths, an easier and more imaginative method for explaining one’s origins, in order to explain the complex social and geo-political factors which led to a form of Roman synoikism.

Consequently, the Romans owed quite a debt…

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