Essay on The Romance Culture Change A Bit?

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Since time has gone by, has the romance culture change a bit? Like in those 80s movies how the guy prepares himself to ask a girl on a date, then later picks her up at her house and actually goes up the door and knocks on it to get her. What happen to the traditional courtship? Nowadays it is just like people date each other just for fun. They do not really look into the future for a life-long relationship. Too many things have changed for the worst as we progressed throughout time and that is why traditional dating is a thing of the past because we rely on technology, rarely go out on actual dates, courtship and simple acts of chivalry being faded away. Smart phones, computers, and other technology have taking over the traditional dating culture. People rely on text messages or instant messaging to ask each other out on dates. “Dating culture has evolved to a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy to interpret.” (Doyne par. 4) What the author means is that conversations through text are becoming to sound the same and that the partner is very being misunderstanding and not being straight-forward or blunt with her. She seems that he is doing too much “small talk” and she does not like it. Another reason on how technology has taken over the dating culture is how much some couples just post on social media. “Those high in RCSE feel the need to show others, their partners and perhaps themselves that their relationship is ‘OK,’…

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