The Roman Republic Essay

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The Roman Republic was built on the traditional policy of compromise, devoted to ensure the welfare of the people. In time, the struggle for authority brought fundamental changes to the traditional sentiments of the Republic. As territory expansions brought great wealth into the country, power hungry senators and government officials harbored political ambitions and competed for power. Political treachery and self-interest within the senate and the assemblies gave way to economic turmoil and social unrest. The fight for control under the existing Republic ultimately demanded a conversion toward Empire, but before the transition could take place Rome would have to go through a series of civil war, mob violence and murder.

At first, Rome was governed by the Etruscan dynasty that ruled from about 616 B.C.E to 509 B.C.E. After the Etruscan monarchy was overthrown in 509 B.C, the Romans established a representative form of government- the Roman Republic which contrasted with the Etruscan principals of monarchism. To ensure equality in the distribution of powers, they separated the Republic into three divisions: the consuls, the assembly and the Senate. Apart from this governmental structure, the Roman society was divided into two social classes, the plebeians and the patricians. The patricians were the wealthy aristocrats who held the highest position in the government. On the other hand, the plebeians were the lower-class citizens, who made up the majority of the…

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