The Roman Empire Essay

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the Roman Empire. This assimilation is evident in today’s society with dishes that are a combination of diverse cultures that come together to provide a unique taste.
The recipe for Fried Veal Escalope with Raisins is an example of cultures coming together to bring a unique taste to a person’s taste buds. The Romans loved their food, which became more luxurious and elaborate as their empire increased. The food of the earliest Romans was of the simplest kind (“Roman Empire & Colosseum”, 2015). They were opposed to luxury until riches were introduced by the extension of their conquest. The customs particularly affected by the influence of Greek culture however also brought many new culinary habits and cooking techniques from the provinces surrounding the empire. The manners were therefore changed, and the pleasures of the table and the importance of meals, became the primary object of attention (“Roman Empire & Colosseum”, 2015). The ancient Mediterranean diet revolves around four staples: vegetables, cereals, olive oil and wine. Meat and many types of fruit were also available to those who could afford it (Mark, 2011). “The Romans were also adept at processing and perserving their food using techniques from pickling to storage in honey. Flavoring food with sauces, herbs and exotics spices were another important element of Roman food preparation” (Mark, 2011). With luxurious cuisines, meat was an expensive commodity for most Romans. It usually was conserved by pickling and…

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