The Roman Empire Essay

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Throughout the history of the Roman Empire, religion played an immense role in society. Romans saw religion as a duty to the state and to the community, not for the love of gods or the willingness to surrender themselves to the gods. During the Roman Empire the Romans practiced religion and worshiped their gods uniquely and in numerous ways. Worships practices, public religion, private religion and superstitious elements exhibit how the Romans practiced religion as well as how they view and worshiped the gods.

To begin, the religious pompa during the festus of saturnalia, was a great guideline of how sincere Roman religious practices were. Romans held great festus in honour of certain gods as a worship practice. Festivals were held by religious officials employed by the State. The citizens were required to suspend business and work on such dates, even though they were not required to attend the religious ceremonies. Saturnalia, which was a festival to worship Saturn, became the most popular of Roman festivals, “Of all the December festivals the Saturnalia is the most renowned” (F.R. Cowell, 186). The Saturnalia was originally celebrated as a one-day feast on December 17, but it was later extended to seven days. Therefore, starting on the seventeenth of the month and going to the twenty fourth. The senior Romans attended the public sacrifice at the temple of Saturn, which was then followed by a grand feast. Togas were discarded for tunics or synthesis [dinner gown]. Slaves…

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