Rome: The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was one of the largest empires of its time. Behind all this were the Roman emperors. A few change the empire in massive ways, that even affect our lives today. We are going to look at 4 of the empire 's most important emperors, Julius Caesar, Augustus (Or known as Octavian), Trajan, and finally Constantine. The main one that is one of the best emperors in Roman history is Augustus (Octavian), we see this through his government services that changed the world and even today affects our daily lives.
First of all, the 4th best emperor is Constantine, some may want to place him higher up, but all I see him as only a mediocre leader. He created the law or edict that allowed Christianity to spread throughout the empire, but really
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Many will talk of his great military conquests and his amazing skill, but really it was his soldiers that bonded together to make such a prosperous army. To add to the amount of soldiers showed the bravery of Rome, not the bravery of the emperor that lead them. Credit will be given to his capability to control all the land, but this is not enough to make him one of rome 's greatest emperors. Also some may talk of him being so great at the making of the “first triumvirate” but it seems their trust was weak. For example, Caesar staged a riot to get his way against one of the triumvirates members,
An early controversial move came when he tried to pay off Pompey 's soldiers by granting them public lands. While initially unpopular, Caesar hired a collection of Pompey 's soldiers to stage a riot. In the midst of all the chaos, he got his way.

This shows the lack of trust and how Caesar would do anything to get his way. and of course he was a ruthless man, using many weird tactics to kill people. For example,
In one instance, he waited until his opponents ' water supply had gone dry, and then ordered the hands of all the remaining survivors to be cut
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He was a great man and caring man for creating welfare, and many things for poor people to do. One of the most famous things he did was create the roman callouses and give free entertainment to his people. He also made a food program for his people. For example, “Trajan satisfied the pressing need of the roman poor for food by a state-supported dole - a free distribution of grain, olive oil, and sometimes wine.” This shows his extreme care for all of the people in his empire. One problem that Trajan had is that he forced people accused of petty crimes to fight as gladiators, and die brutally. This would mean if you were to steal a fruit from the market or something of that nature, you had a chance of being put to the death for entertainment. But to be fair if this entertainment was not available, people could get bored and start riots, mad at the dull empire. So in the long run more deaths are avoided using the petty crime gladiators. Trajan was the second best emperor by using his great welfare program and keeping his city running well.
Now, last but not least, the best emperor in roman history, Augustus (Octavian)! Augustus started many of the common government services and even the postal service. This makes him extremely important because of its influence on today, and many of the services our government provides. He also created a road system, that are a lot like our modern day highways. For example, a short quote telling us his

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