The Roman Empire And The Soviet Empire Essay

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History has been scattered with great empires that rise and fall. Modern examples such as the USSR or Hitler’s shortly realized Nazi European Empire, and ancient examples such as Alexander the Greats Greek Empire, all shared the same trait of covering vast amounts of territory whilst encompassing different minorities, majorities, religions and races. The Roman Empire is one such empire that stretched from England to Egypt and covered the entire circumference of the Mediterranean Sea . It too, shared the trait of covering vast amounts of land and different peoples. However similar these empires might be geographically, with The Roman Empire being the oldest, the beliefs and ways of incorporating those peoples whom were indigenous to land not originally occupied by Rome can be seen as uniquely different then of the modern counterparts. The indigenous populations within Roman rule had a fair number of things to deal with once Roman occupation occurred. Brain Campbell in his book The Roman Army 31 BC–AD 337 explains that “from the presence of 400,000 soldiers in the provinces there were many potential benefits and also dangers for local communities” . Furthermore, even indigenous peoples had the ability to rise up the ranks militarily in The Roman Empire. In Tacitus’ Annals 1.55-71 shows how the indigenous people’s leadership was treated along with defeated forces, reinforcing the main point that Rome was a fair occupational force. Therefore, within the following…

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