The Roman Empire And The Hans Empire 's Military And Government Systems

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The Roman Empire and the Hans Empire’s military and government systems were incredibly different in the sense of organization. The Roman Empire fought differently than the Hans and they approached war with more organized and well thought out tactics. The Hans military tactics went a different approach to warfare. The Hans’ military tactics were strategic through the deception. They defeated other empires by using their military tactics against them. The Romans planned their battles and how they were going to fight them whereas the Hans knew their opponents’ military tactics and barged in and took over. The Romans had more organized military tactics than the Hans due to the way they approached war. Over many centuries and across many territories the Romans were able to win an overwhelming number of victories with their military. All of their success were possible because of all the factors that played into it. The country of Italy wasn’t able to be attacked as easily as other places. The Roman’s had a large number of men who could fight in wars to pick from, they had an advanced army, and a centralized command. The Romans, once they conquered a territory, would include these people which allowed for strengthening and broadening of the Roman power. Rome was almost always in war and when they were not they were ready for it. They believed it was absolutely necessary to defend and enforce on others to believe in their cultural superiority. The Romans were in constant war to…

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