The Roman Empire : A Highest Peak During The Reign Of Rome Essay

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The Roman Empire was at its highest peak during the reign of Augustus, in which he installed the idea of Pax Romana (meaning Roman peace) to bring peace, security, and civilized life to the Roman nation. However, even in the times of happiness and prosperity not all people welcomed the great Roman peace, as demonstrated by the troubles brewing in Egypt, Gaul, and Judea. As Rome began to falter under the economic, political, and military difficulties, many Romanized nations began to withdraw their support. The Roman nobles, rather than invest their money in the industries of Rome, chose to misuse their wealth, causing the economy to come to a halt. So, by the third century A.D. and the end of Marcus Aurelius reign, which ended Pax Romana, the Roman Republic was in a steady decline; which threw them into military anarchy, economic crisis, and they were raided by Germanic tribes. At their peak, the Roman army was an excellent fighting force, known for their discipline, loyalty, and organization. However, the quality Roman soldiers began to deteriorate along with the Republic in the third century. They lacked loyalty to their country and were greedy for riches. Generals were driven to seize the throne, due to the fear of being killed by unfaithful troops or untrusted emperors. While in power, they had to protect themselves against assassination from other generals and had to buy the loyalty of their soldiers. Many emperors were assassinated during this time; Civil wars…

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