The Roman Colosseum And The Mayan Ball Court Essay

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Over different periods of time and different civilizations common themes have emerged throughout the area of entertainment, especially entertainment with violent undertones. The Roman Colosseum and the Mayan Ball Court in Copán are two prominent examples of this. The Roman Colosseum was a popular place of entertainment for the Romans, as was the Ball Court for the Mayans. However, there is a large difference between the activities of the two forms of entertainment. The Colosseum, first of all, was a large amphitheater designed for gladiatorial contests and combats between men and animals, or even between animals alone. (Adams 214) Gladiatorial contests were a major part of the Roman’s lives as they were a free form of entertainment that the emperor of the time, Nero, provided. (Lecture) Not only was it free but violence had a large influence on Roman culture. Along with coping with the normal and natural death, the Romans also had a lot of public violence, which was intentional and orchestrated, especially in The Colosseum. (Donald 2) The fights between gladiators in the arena were very violent and very brutal. Most of the battles fought by the gladiators were fought by those who had specific training for the battles that they took place in, such as training with certain weaponry. However, in some circumstances, criminals and prisoners of war were forced to fight as well, in which they had no training and were ultimately slaughtered. (Wiedemann 90) The Ball Court in Copán,…

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