The Roll Of Thunder And Racism Essay

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Michael Hanson
ENG 3370-60
Children 's Literature


We have all read books or have had them read to us at one time or another in our lives. What we may not have realized when they were read to us as children was just how much of the adult world was in them. There are many children 's books that written in such a way as to help children deal with or expose them to adult issues. These issues can range from death of a loved one to more serious issues such as racism and bigotry. One such book that deals with the latter is 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. The book was written in 1976 but portrays the lives of African-American individuals in the 1930 's. That time period was known to be full of racism and outright hatred of anyone who was not Caucasian. I think this book would have helped to inform people in 1976 that racism was a serious issue as well as start to teach children at that time that racism is wrong, albeit in a subtle way that they may not have understood entirely.

There are many scenes in the book that showcase just how much the color of your skin could have on both that situation at hand and how your thoughts might change just because of skin color. If you were black you would have to 'bite your tongue ' at the saying goes, in order to continue to have some sense of freedom and self sufficiency. Even though blacks at that time considered inferior and often less than a dog.

The story highlights how one can change when…

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