The Roles Selection Process For Human Resource Management Essay

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Recruitment, “the process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers and with appropriate qualifications, to apply for jobs with an organization” as defined by the Society for Human Resource Management (Gusdorf). Before recruitment can be started, the need for the job must be identified, then a position description is generated (Johnston). After those two things are completed and approved, the recruitment process can begin. This report will outline the types of recruitments, selection process, and changes in recruitment over the years.
Internal and External Recruitments
There are two main types of recruitment, internal and external. Internal recruitments include promotions from within, employee referrals, and nepotism. Promotions from within are often motivation for good work from already existing employees. Employees who are promoted within the company have an advantage over an external hire, they are already comfortable with company culture and procedures. Promotions are good for employee motivation; however, there are a few down sides. When only promoting from within the person’s previous position become vacant, causing there still to be a position that needs to be filled. Without hiring an external person, the organization loses the possibility for new ideas (Gusdorf). Another internal recruitment method is employee referrals. Employee referrals are suggestions taken from current employees. Employee referrals can be positive; the person being…

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